Althea’s adventurous spirit has spawned an ever-present desire in her to live a rich and full life, where not a single experience could be seen as negative or one she wished she’d never undertaken. Her personal philosophy, and the emphasis she has placed on learning and exploration, has led to her broad educational background and array of professional postings in the fields of engineering loss prevention, scientific research, environmental and earth sciences. She has spent much of her life traversing the mountains, prairies and the desert, through her keen interest in outdoor activities, and has travelled the globe widely.

In 2009, sparked by a complete shift in Althea’s professional and career status, following a significant decline in Althea’s health, she began to move in a new direction. The year marked a period of serious self-reckoning and internal reflection, as Althea searched for a life with deeper meaning and purpose. An intense period of forays into the areas of inside-out healing, energy medicine, spirituality, non-ordinary realities and dimensions of consciousness, followed. Althea read and studied extensively on topics that challenged current principles and presented an entirely different view of illness and disease from a mind-body-soul perspective, particularly those that facilitated her own transformation.

Through the mentorship of her gifted practitioners and the experience of her own journey and transformative process, Althea began to develop an appreciation for the value of complementary and alternative health practices in healing. Over the course of the following six years, she acquired first-hand knowledge and experience in a wide variety of mind-body medicine modalities as well as quantum and spiritual healing practices. The foundation for her knowledge has been supported by educational courses and workshops in Shamanic practices, consciousness, vibrational energy and soul work, as well by a personal practice involving meditation, conscious awareness and intention. Along the way, Althea has also discovered her own intuitive gifts and abilities, which have been brought to the fore, along with her experience, in cultivating her capacity to assist others.