qudnhe-high-resALTHEA’S UPCOMING BOOK: QUANTUM DNA HEALING: Consciousness Techniques for Altering Your Genetic Destiny (available March 2017) is structured in a way that weaves Althea’s personal story in amongst technical, scientific and esoteric concepts and explanations for a balanced, credible approach with an accessible feel. Scientific and physiological evidence is provided alongside background information from quantum theorists, mind-body-spirit experts, as well as from her own research, utilizing a unique form of spiritual inquiry. Prescriptive, self-help style summaries of the consciousness techniques she employed, are provided to encourage the reader to apply them themselves.

Publisher: Bear & Company
Publication Date: April, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-59143-287-666

Quantum DNA Healing: Consciousness Techniques for Altering Your Genetic Destiny is a unique prescriptive, non-fiction narrative that draws upon Althea’s personal success in self-healing from a number of serious, potentially life-threatening diseases, including cancer, without any form of physical intervention or medical treatment. It describes her journey and how she returned to a state of health after years of physical compromise and infirmity, solely by employing internal mind-body techniques involving consciousness. The potential implications of the approach that led to this astonishing outcome are far reaching in both the spheres of allopathic as well as complementary and alternative medicine. Today, there is a dire need to find real solutions to the dilemma of disease, given the exponential rise in health care costs and the absence of any significant breakthroughs in genetic science capable of yielding better health outcomes, despite decades of research and treatment regimes.

The profound results Althea achieved confirm that we can go beyond the popular notion of epigenetics and our ability to influence genetic propensity towards disease and its deleterious effects, by changing our diet, administering hormone therapy or limiting exposure to toxins. Instead, by working with our own consciousness, we can activate our DNA in ways that alter our gene sequences, producing biological and chemical changes in our bodies that may actually prevent or eliminate disease entirely. Quantum DNA Healing: Consciousness Techniques for Altering Your Genetic Destiny lays claim to the fundamental truth that human physiology cannot be separated from our non-physical, non-local quantum reality, if we are to expand our current understanding about the real drivers for disease and how it can be addressed. It offers an explanation for the missing link between what modern medical science understands about our DNA and the spiritual wisdom that reminds us of our connection with a much deeper reality which is readily accessible and can be utilized to affect changes in our own DNA and subsequent state of health.

Instances of patients who have miraculously recovered or experienced remission from diseases when they have no longer been administered to physically, or have undertaken approaches involving conscious intention and electromagnetic energy, suggest healing in this way is likely, but, these case have not been well documented or examined fully as Quantum DNA Healing: Consciousness Techniques for Altering Your Genetic Destiny attempts to do. More recent evidence-based medical research and documented subjective mind-body experiences indicates these techniques are not only theoretically sound and technically conceivable, but realistic, is also cited. Althea’s recovery, in addition to both circumstantial and tangible evidence surrounding her case, provide testament that creating profound changes in our health in this manner are indeed possible.

The techniques Althea describes by which this is accomplished, emphasize the fundamental principle behind mind-body medicine that each of us has within us the capacity to self-heal. This is in contrast to many existing healing modalities that rely on a form of physical intervention and typically do not encourage the patient to purposefully direct the body through their own conscious intention nor rely on the built-in intelligence of the body to elicit a healing response. They present an opportunity for people with chronic and incurable diseases to challenge the prevailing notion that diseased individuals have no choice in the matter and must accept the fate that their situation presents to them.