What follows is a chronicle of the healing journey that led me back, not only to a state of health and vitality, but, more fundamentally, from the brink of a precarious state of existence associated with life-threatening disease. It is a journey about how I changed my biology and genetic coding by altering my DNA in a unique way and, in doing so, erased the illness and disease that had been my reality for the better part of the last decade or so.

What ensued was an unraveling of my genetics, literally. I fell apart. Eventually, I became a genetic casualty, apparent that I clearly was not as perfect as I had once thought. Over the years, I had experienced a few accidents, including a bad rock climbing fall impacting my low back and sacroiliac (SI) joints, a number of herniated discs in my neck, middle and lower back from accidents at the gym and in the car, as well as several mountain bike accidents. I gradually began to experience significant pain and discomfort in my middle and lower back, sacroiliac joints and hips. The middle back problem turned out to be a rare non-cancerous tumor that occupied 85% of one of the vertebrae in my thoracic spine. I underwent a month-long course of radiation therapy, the same treatment a cancer patient would have received in order to eradicate the tumor.

But, the pain following the radiation therapy never disappeared, becoming more pervasive, and despite an immense amount of investigation. Further testing to determine possible sources of my ill health at that time revealed heavy metal and organic solvent toxicity, which, unbeknownst to me, I had contracted some seventeen years earlier while working as a laboratory technician, specializing in heavy metal analysis of petroleum samples. Toxicity of this nature often translates to nerve pain and inflammation.

Then, I discovered that I had a cancerous tumor on the right side of my jaw, close to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Radiation treatment was not possible since I had already received the maximum allowable lifetime dose of radiation in dealing with the thoracic spine tumor. Fortunately, through a very gifted healer I was seeing at the time, during a vibrational energy treatment and spiritual healing session, the tumor vanished. I was new to this type of healing, and was a bit dubious of this radical shift in my physical body by these means, so I even had a private MRI done to confirm that this had actually occurred. Knowing what I know now about quantum healing and the fact that affecting physical matter (as a form of dense energy) within the human body through vibrational energy and spiritual healing work, is no different than working with the subtle energy layers that surround it, this is no surprise.

My hip dysfunction had worsened since the mountain biking fall many years prior and the pain had become unbearable. A definitive diagnosis of any sort had evaded my specialist doctors, despite their best efforts. My practitioner had observed the presence of a synovial type lesion about two inches in length, recessed in behind the femur head in my left hip cavity that had evaded detection during the MRI. This, in addition to a small bone chip (osteophyte) on top of the femur head and the abnormal positioning of my pelvis, had resulted in the debilitating pain and difficulties I had been experiencing for many years. This came as welcome news, since at that time surgery was not considered justifiable by my doctors, based on their understanding of my case and the lack of diagnostic evidence from their perspective. During a powerful healing session, a physiological energetic imprint of the hip and its surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments, going back to when I was ten years old, was brought forward into present time and re-introduced into my physical and energetic body.

[I was awestruck at the unbounded potential that exists for healing even severe and long-standing physical abnormalities through quantum energetic and spiritual means.]

Not long after, breast cancer was added to my ever growing list of diseases. My body systems were already taxed from the toxicity, and so chemotherapy did not seem like a safe or viable option for me. By that point, I had already gone through multiple rounds of prolotherapy, botox and nerve block injections, radio-frequency nerve ablations, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, as well as a whole host of other physical and exercise therapies. I was a mess.

Several years later, I had another accident, this time completely separating my right shoulder, tearing both of the main supporting ligaments. After a lengthy wait for surgery, and even after the surgical repair itself, things showed little improvement. During the course of my post-surgical monitoring, when I continued to complain about my unresolved condition, much to my surprise, diagnostic imaging revealed that my cervical spine was damaged and was now self-fusing, along with areas of my thoracic and lumbar spine. When coupled with my history and what I now realized was probably an uncontrolled inflammatory condition that went undiagnosed and untreated for many years, there was only one conclusion – I had inflammatory osteoarthritis.

One of my doctors ordered genetic testing as a means of determining the underlying cause for what was occurring. It was clear that according to the principles of epigenetics, environmental exposure, radiation treatment and physical trauma had played an important role in triggering what my genes were actually expressing. We did genetic testing on all twenty-three of my chromosomes, which revealed a number of mutations associated with cancer, chronic inflammation and my body’s inability to detoxify, among others.

My understanding at that time was that genetic mutations (variations) were really just an indication of propensity of a person’s predisposition toward expressing a trait, a disease or medical condition.

[Just because someone has genetic mutations, it does not mean that they will be expressed or will actually manifest as disease.]

Although my genetic testing results did seem to confirm the likelihood of the various diseases, they still did not explain the exact mechanism or the ultimate source of them.

After many years of conventional physical therapy and treatments, I began to do some research and came to understand the mechanisms of my own disease and genetics in a different light. It became apparent to me that the therapeutic and pharmacological approaches I was undertaking at the time held little promise for healing. I had covered an immense amount of ground during my healing journey, exploring a vast array of alternative and complementary healing modalities involving energy and soul work, traditional Chinese Five Element energy medicine as well as Shamanic healing methods. While some of them had been instrumental in my healing thus far, and had likely pulled me back from the brink on a few occasions, they had failed to address my symptoms and the disease in any significant way. I was convinced there had to be an underlying cause for all of this.

The journey that ensued in the aftermath of this realization has allowed me to investigate and make sense of the critical connection between aspects of the physical and the non-physical world, in order to create a more complete picture of who we are at the genetic level, how we become ill, and how we can heal. As I searched for answers and became more learned on the subject of DNA, I started to expand my definition of “environment.” It became apparent to me, as has been purported by others, that science currently only explains a portion of our genetics.

[New evidence, as well as the information that was presented to me, suggests that the remainder of the DNA is actually non-physical in nature and although of seemingly intangible origins, nevertheless, has an astoundingly significant influence on who we are and what we actually manifest in terms of our health and well-being.]

Slowly, over the course of a year, I put the pieces together, corroborating my own experience and medical diagnostic evidence with the work of those who are pioneering new research and theories in this emerging field. I began to see how the invisible factors that science currently does not measure, yet are so apparent and evident to those of us who are more versed in navigating and operating in these realms, had created an appropriate energetic milieu – a mosaic of emotional, mental and spiritual factors that had as much, if not more, influence on creating the disease that had become my reality.

I began to realize that DNA defines every aspect of who we are, right down to the cellular level, and stipulates how we respond to the information that is provided to us as biological organisms. Fortunately, under the right conditions, the body and our cells have the capacity to self-diagnose, repair and regulate in order to heal and to maintain a healthy, balanced state.

[Healing is about activating dormant and hidden aspects of ourselves and our DNA, with our consciousness, to essentially turn on these natural healing mechanisms.]

By that point I had stopped all forms of physical intervention and energy work that weren’t working for me and focused on building a daily practice using consciousness tools. These involved specific techniques utilizing: clearing discordant energy from my field as well as any negative energy from my Akashic records; sound and breath; working with energetic DNA markers in the body; pulling forward energetic attributes from my Akashic (soul) record (called Mining the Akash) and ways of communicating directly with my cells and DNA in meditative states. These were all directed specifically at changing the messages (electromagnetic information) communicated to my non-physical (quantum) DNA.

[Our DNA responds to the way we express ourselves during conscious “self-talk”, as a form of language, constructed as a complex array of frequencies.]

These enhanced messages, which represent a more coherent, higher vibrational signal are then relayed in turn to our physical (biological) DNA. The instruction sets (genetic code) associated within the biological DNA respond in kind, triggering an improved cellular and genetic response. Changes in biological functioning, DNA repair, cellular repair and regeneration are improved in this way.

During the time in which I worked extensively with the consciousness tools, I noticed many dramatic and tangible changes that I attributed to be a direct result of these activities including: complete changes in physical health conditions and symptoms; improvement in energy levels; increasing speed of recovery after pain episodes; and ultimately, an improvement in quality of life and focus, level of engagement, activities and relationships. I gained a much more positive outlook on life as a result of this work. I experienced a marked change in my own self-perception and became far more optimistic about future possibilities and in manifesting changes at all levels. I began to cultivate an ability to surrender and let go, as well as a deepening sense of spiritual connectedness, sense of self and expanded awareness.

After about six months, I was informed through my spiritual channels that my cells were now completely normal. Less than a year later, I learned I had experienced a complete shift in my DNA and cellular matrices. When I heard this, at first it was hard to believe that I had actually made it over the finish line on my journey and that I was out of danger. The downward spiral of disease and impending death had ceased. I had literally eliminated all of the cancerous and non-cancerous tumors, corrected a cellular metabolic disorder and promoted healing to damaged DNA, tissue and bone through the soul work and the consciousness tools I had employed. Through my own efforts, by activating and re-encoding my quantum DNA, the fact that I had invoked such a response in my body was nothing short of miraculous. Through these amazing forms of inside-out healing, I had actually achieved results beyond what even I thought was truly possible.

Excerpted from Althea’s soon to be published work, Internal Mind-Body Medicine: Altering Genetic Destiny and Disease from Within (Althea S. Hawk, ©2015)