Consciousness is everywhere in the universe; it is in everything. From a quantum perspective, consciousness is a field. A field, is something that is objectively present in nature and is an invisible, integrated medium containing energy, matter and information. It is capable of interacting with observable matter (including the human being as an object or matter in the field), organizing its form, development and function.

On the human level, consciousness is a manifestation of two aspects:  

1)     The information content of our “event history” which is like our central reference system, is stored as a dynamic record in a quantum way in this field. It is being created unconsciously and continuously by us throughout our lives (including past lives), as a result of the “states” we create as we experience life and respond to various stimulus in our external environment. These states are ongoing reactions, discernments or determinations, and as they occur repeatedly, they become entrenched in this reference system.

2)     The inter-relationship between aspects of our true self and our consciousness, when they exist in a unity.  This in a broad sense, this is the enduring aspect of our identity that describes “who we are” at deep level including the beliefs we hold and the personality we display.  As a unity, and as a special form of energy, these govern our body, our overall energy and our life. It is closely integrated with the brain and any information received by us is conveyed to the brain where is retained in quantum form.

Every conscious object in the field, including us, is influenced by the information in the field, and at the same time is contributing to the information in the field. We are in constant communication with this field of consciousness by providing information about our states (from our reference system and sense of true self) and in return, receiving information that defines us and our reality, based on this reference system, as well as the information (event history) from every individual, all of humanity and life (other conscious objects) as a whole.  Thus, the consciousness reflects information about our subjective world (the perspective created from our own consciousness as an object in the field) and the objective world (the consciousness that is created outside us as the object).

Consciousness uses energy as its vehicle to manifest its influences both on physical and non-physical levels.  In other words, consciousness is what connects our experiences and sense of self to our bodies. Under the influence of the brain and the nervous system, consciousness as a field is constantly undergoing interactions in the form of movement and activity (as a very fine form of energy). Within the body, the information carried by the energy is conveyed in a quantum way via our energy fields and channels (meridians) as well as through the nervous system.

The fundamental problem in life emerges when the information that is being received and transmitted is incorrect or compromised in some way. Any number of problems can develop on a physical (as well as emotional, mental or spiritual) level. Supressed, narrow-minded, unrealistic or self-limiting thoughts and feelings generated from a faulty reference system represents a form of distorted information that pervades our consciousness field. This prevents us from seeing and being our true self, particularly when our reference system is biased or unsound.  The body responds in kind to the information received by producing chemical responses that ultimately govern its biological functions. Thus, the mis-information can comprise our health and well-being in significant ways.

Fortunately, because of the unique characteristics of consciousness, the very element that creates  these problems is also the solution to them. Because consciousness exists as a field which has quantum properties and capabilities, it is completely unrestricted in its reach.  It operates irrespective of the location of the object or its form.  It is not limited by time or space.  Because it consists of a very fine form of energy, it can penetrate all physical objects such as the human body and integrate with any other form of energy, including the energy in the fields surrounding our body, organs and cells, as well as through the energy channels that flow throughout the body. 

Consciousness is not limited by what information or how much information it can hold because it reflects all the information that exists as a totality in the universe (i.e. the complete event history of humanity in addition to that of the individual). Our consciousness has the ability to receive, process, store, create and transmit information, independent of outside of our subjective experience (thoughts and emotions).  It is autonomous and can operate independent of the activities of the brain and stimuli from the external environment.  

By actively and consistently working in specific ways to become aware, understand and change the information in our consciousness, we can affect real and lasting change in our bodies and our lives. The quantum characteristics of consciousness truly are nature’s way of enabling us to co-create the reality we would like to experience.  In the truest sense, our consciousness is the bridge between us and all forms of information, energy and matter in the universe. We have access to everything we need to exert a positive influence and initiate change through this amazing quantum intelligence that is available to us all.