Consciousness and HealingConsciousness is the means by which we interpret the energetic information that surrounds us and permeates the physical body. It is such an integral part of our existence, that the role of consciousness in explaining the science of life has captured the interest of scientists, neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers is evolving into an entirely new science. It is beginning to weave its influence into mathematical formulas, theorems, experiments and the interpretation of evidence in even the purest forms of science. It is becoming more and more difficult to fully explain ourselves and our world without its involvement. Many maintain human consciousness may very well be the driver for our reality. The term consciousness here is meant as an awareness that is separate from normal processes occurring in the brain such as cognition. The brain is merely the organ that manifests consciousness, as a means of providing a quantum experience to us in a local way.

Consciousness as the Bridge to Energetic Information
Consciousness is what connects our experience to our bodies. Negative or dysfunctional thoughts and emotions that result from our experiences are an indication that we may have incorrectly interpreted the quantum information that is available to us and defines who we are. Many who work in the field of holistic and vibrational medicine describe and work with the human energy field (or personal quantum field). This is a field that is considered as the medium through which external information is exchanged with the physical body, through various energy planes and energy structures (chakras) or pathways (meridians), which penetrate the physical body (as a form of dense energy or matter) and its immediate vicinity and regulated all body functions. The body also represents a field, as is consciousness itself.

We then surrounded by greater fields of energy, which also represent these integrated, invisible systems consisting of energy and/or matter. Fields contain information, since we know that the energy that comprises them is a form of information that exists in its own unique language, the language of frequencies. One such greater quantum field, known as the Akashic Field, represents a compilation of energies or frequencies that are implicit with its existence. As Irvin Laszlo, a system’s theorist and Nobel Peace prize nominee describes it, it is real but so subtle that it cannot be perceived until it becomes the many things that populate the physical world. We do not directly interact with its energy through our normal, ordinary multi-sensory perception, but can interact with it through higher states of awareness, including through meditation. In actual fact, the Akashic Field stores event history including all universal and self-knowledge about our connection to “all that is,” our origins and purpose in life, our true potential, our soul’s lessons and history, and even information pertaining to our ability to self-regulate our bodies and heal. This information is constantly being broadcasted in a quantum manner to our DNA and our cells and has not changed, although we may have. Unfortunately, also through our own consciousness, we have forgotten or misinterpreted the information being broadcast. This, ultimately, translates to consequences in the physical body and has a great deal to do with the end result, our genetic coding and our health.

Consciousness and Health
Sadly, very few have retained the conscious awareness of this information that is so vital to our health and the reality that we manifest, with the exception of mainly indigenous cultures, holistic practitioners and spiritualists, whose lives and practices reflect this fundamental truth. When we experience emotions of fear, guilt or anger, we experience corresponding chemical changes in our body. Our body responds by producing chemicals and a host of other psychosomatic responses, including disease. Most, however, are not versed in a deeper relationship with our bodies through our consciousness. Few can accurately discern the presence or nature of a disease that might be present without relying on external sources of information such as a diagnosis inferred from a medical laboratory test or diagnostic imagery. This is ironic when we consider that the energetic information throughout and around our bodies is quantum and is available for us to access and use to our benefit in maintaining a state of health.

With some knowledge and training, however, it is possible to tune-in or direct our own consciousness in order to access and utilize the information contained in the Akashic Field to affect change in our bodies. By virtue of the fact that universal information is stored there, we literally have access to the same cosmic energies or morphogenetic forces and intelligent information that comprises all life in the universe. Many experiments have verified that through consciousness and various psychological, parapsychological and spiritual healing techniques, we are able to connect transpersonally, telepathically or telesomatically to communicate with the minds of others as well as interact and produce effects in their bodies. Biofeedback techniques have proven that consciousness can be used to control body functions such as temperature, heart rate and respiration rate. These effects are real and measurable and have been repeatedly demonstrated and documented. Cultures and indigenous peoples have shown for thousands of years that through various ceremonies, rituals and protocols involving meditative or altered states of consciousness, it is possible to access a wide range of non-local information to understand, relate and respond to the world, one another and to heal the body. Our consciousness as well as our quantum nature is therefore, the key to healing and the manifestation of our fullest expression as a human being.

Successful Approaches to Healing Through Consciousness
We need to remind ourselves that we can and were designed to self-heal and regulate our bodies. We can change this information and the self-limiting beliefs and perceptual patterns to affect real change in our bodies. From a quantum perspective, these aspects of ourselves are nothing more than energetic information, represented as frequencies, stored in non-local realms or fields of energy. Through our own consciousness, we can access the limitless intelligence available to us, stored as energetic information in our soul’s Akashic Records within our personal quantum energy field (known as the Merkaba or subtle energy body). We can utilize this information to change our DNA blueprint by applying and substituting new or different frequencies. We are far from helpless. As co-creators of our own reality, we can manifest changes and improvements in our health simply by changing the information our DNA blueprint uses as the basis for our biological DNA instruction sets that govern our body’s healing mechanisms. It is about drawing on the energies of the past held in our Akashic Records to activate our quantum DNA and, in doing so, reactivate the memory of who we truly are – healthy, vital, balanced and self-regulating biological organisms. This, is healing. We have simply forgotten how this works.

The tools I employed to achieve success are fundamentally different than any other forms of healing that I had been exposed to or tried in the past. The main distinction is that these involved working more extensively with energy in a quantum, multidimensional and non-local way, as opposed to the 3-dimensional “earth energies” that characterizes some of the more traditional forms of energy medicine. These traditional approaches typically focus on clearing blocks and re-establishing flow and energetic balance to the subtle energy bodies. In those that I explored, the patient intentionally provides permission and allows for new or different quantum information to be transmitted to activate their quantum DNA and alter the DNA blueprint. Aspects of our own self (known as The Innate Self, “smart self” or “intelligent body”, in turn informs the cells to change the 3-dimensional chemistry of the body and the genes follow suit. Thus, energetic information changes chemistry. In this simple yet very profound way, we are truly orchestrators of our own healing processes; but, in order to do so successfully, we need to tell our DNA and our cells what we want to create. Nature has designed them to respond to our conscious intent and the instructions embodied in this intent. The opportunity for change resides in the fact that we are able to exercise conscious choice, through pure intent. Nothing will happen if we do not want it to happen, or if we do not instruct our Innate Self to respond differently to what is happening in our bodies. We are far less likely to be successful if we simply acquiesce to our own fate, and we unconditionally accept our disease state. We must circumvent the autonomic control the brain and its logic has over the body, in a conscious, concerted way in order to heal. Although a person may feel more supported and empowered throughout the healing process through the work of practitioners, it is actually the “self” that initiates and allows the healing. It does not occur as a direct result of a practitioner’s intervention on the patient’s behalf without their conscious involvement and intent.

Excerpted from Althea’s soon to be published work, INTERNAL MIND-BODY MEDICINE: Altering Genetic Destiny and Disease Outcomes from Within (Althea S. Hawk, ©2015)

1. Ervin Laszlo, Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, (Inner Traditions: Rochester, VT, 2007), p. 76


The patterns we have created through repetitive thoughts and emotions (a product of our consciousness), stored at the subconscious mind and soul level are the root cause of illness and disease.  These drive our state of being at a very deep level and can make us sick.  The quantum energy field that surrounds and permeates the physical body stores these patterns energetically as a form of information, which is transmitted to, and received by our cells and biological DNA (the encoded part of the chromosome) in a way that dictates how our cells go about regulating all normal functioning in the body.

The subconscious mind works like a programmable hard-drive of a computer into which our life experiences are downloaded. It gathers this “data” through our senses in response to the information it has been exposed to and on various experience in our external world and bodies.  The subconscious mind forms ideas, perceptions and beliefs from them, and stores them as patterns of information without any involvement or awareness by the conscious mind.  These patterns are formed naturally in the course of a human being’s life when information is received, processed in the same way over and over. The more we repeat these sequences, the more they become automated and thoroughly entrenched in us. We (and our bodies) become habituated by them. The patterns we create are a complicated, interconnected network of information that is behind what we manifest both behaviorally and physiologically in our bodies.

Unfortunately, this process is not regulated or monitored and takes place without any logic or conscious awareness on our part. The patterns the subconscious mind has stored may be only a part of our total reality, or they may not be representative of the truth of who we really are at all. When our consciousness mind interprets this stored information in order to generate a response, it is may be incorrect or incomplete. Any additional flawed information the subconscious mind receives reinforces existing patterns or gives rise to new patterns that are also incomplete or flawed.  At the cellular level, this information is transmitted via our consciousness in a quantum way and is interpreted by our cells and biological DNA.

When we die, the energetic information these patterns represent is stored at the soul level in what we refer to as our “Akashic Records”.  Patterns, or “soul programs” as they are sometimes known, become the drivers for how our cells and biological DNA interpret the information that is being transmitted to them via our consciousness. Soul programs are the sum total of all of the beliefs (good and bad) that we have accumulated throughout all our lifetimes and include information from our parent’s genes, beliefs about our worthiness, imperfections and limitations, views we have about our bodies or the way we identify with a certain disease, and may even include an unfounded desire to suffer for past wrongs we have committed. These detract us from our completeness as an individual and our true potential and can ultimately lead to the demise of our health.

It becomes clear then, that disease is a manifestation of a much deeper disturbance taking place at the quantum (energetic) level. From this perspective, it is easy to see why the state of our being and the thoughts and feelings we entertain inside of ourselves are so important to our health. The patterns dictate precisely how the consciousness interprets this information, how we relate to it, and how we use it in our bodies.  Patterns may be exhibited in the following ways:

  • Fear, worry or anxiety
  • Self-blame and self-deprecation
  • Lack of forgiveness or love for self and others
  • Sense of unworthiness or low self-esteem
  • Feelings of purposelessness or depression
  • Being overly judgemental of self and others
  • Showing anger or impatience
  • Being withdrawn or defensive
  • Procrastinating or avoiding making critical decisions
  • Displaying victimhood or martyrdom
  • An unusual need for attention
  • Exhibiting inappropriate boundaries in relationships
  • An unwillingness to acknowledge own needs and desires

Using a computer analogy again, the programs that are installed on the computer will determine what the computer can do and how well it can perform.  The computer works in a similar fashion to our bodies. Its programs need to be upgraded and rewritten if the computer’s performance is to be raised. If we want to change our health, we have to change the patterns. From a quantum perspective, patterns become engraved like imprints in our quantum field, much like a scratch record album would look, only in this case it is an energetic (vibrational) record of information. They are distortions and do not translate as healthy information. The patterns contain the instructions provided to our body that pre-dispose us to repeat certain events from the past, including the perpetuation of disease, until we understand that they can be changed. Oddly, consciousness is the very thing that creates the conditions for the illness and disease in the first place, and it is the means by which we can heal.

Through our consciousness, we have to introduce new information that supports new and better patterns.  By paying attention to what we allow ourselves to think and feel, we can create more positive and neutral energy in our fields.  If we maintain a focus with our consciousness that is external rather than internal, it affects us in a negative way, and deprives us of the quantum energy and information that is necessary to properly sustain the body. The quantum field that surrounds and permeates the physical body becomes less stable and coherent, and cannot transmit information to our cells and biological DNA properly.  When we live our lives in an internal state that is healthy- one in which we are calm, relaxed, happy and content, no matter what our external circumstances are, or how bad our health condition might be, we open ourselves up to the possibilities of healing. It is the information that guides that changes we desire in our bodies. Quantum information becomes freely available to nourish the body in ways that are needed to promote healing and repair.  When we exercise conscious choice about how we carry ourselves through life, we can literally change the frequency information being transmitted to our physical DNA, which in turn re-encodes our gene sequences and provides better instructions to the body.


There is a part of our DNA that is spiritual in origin and quantum in nature that holds the key to improving health outcomes and eradicating even the most serious diseases. If we are to expand our current understanding about the real drivers for our health challenges and how they can be addressed, we must accept that human physiology cannot be separated from aspects of ourselves which exist on these non-physical levels.  Profound enhancements at the cellular and genetic level can be achieved which improve biological functioning in the body, when we resolve and optimize the dysfunctional mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves represented by our quantum DNA.

Our physical DNA act as antennae, receiving and decoding the quantum (electromagnetic) energy signals that pervade our energy fields. Its double helix structure is surrounded by an outer crystalline sheath which stores quantum energy as a band of frequencies, created from a complex pattern of light inscribed upon its surface. This energetic imprint represents the quantum component of our DNA and possesses the vibrational link which allows us to resonate with and access our soul’s entire event history, recorded energetically as a hologram upon the Akasha, the primal substance from which the universe and all living things emanate.

Our quantum hologram contains the energetic history of every thought, emotion and experience created from our soul’s past and current life events, in a non-linear, non-physical and multidimensional way. It stores universal and self-derived information about our connection to “All That Is”; our spiritual inheritance; our soul’s purpose, life’s lessons and records (Akashic Records), as well as the innate wisdom to help us to heal our bodies and awaken spiritually. In comparison to the attributes and traits we inherit from our physical DNA, this information is by far, the most influential in defining who we are on all levels, and is being constantly being broadcast to the physical DNA inside our cells.

The holographic imprint is like a blueprint which, through the specific frequencies it is comprised of, energetically inform the instruction sets (gene sequences) on our physical DNA. Our physical DNA then interprets (decodes) these frequencies and sends messages to our cells to generate a particular chemical response in the body. It is this quantum communication process involving the two parts of our DNA, the non-physical and the physical parts interacting together, that is responsible for the encoding of the gene sequences on our DNA. Therefore, it is our quantum DNA, not our physical DNA, which is the ultimate progenitor of what we manifest physically in our bodies. It is the supreme co-creator and regulator of our body’s state of health.

Not only does our soul’s event history gives rise to our memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, it is also the quantum information that our cells and DNA listen and respond to, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, correct or incorrect.  In a quantum context, disease states arise from the mis-information we create, inherit and store in our quantum DNA. Remarkably, human design provides us with the inherent ability to change this information in order to re-encode our genes and improve our body’s response. We have a choice to exercise free will- we can override our default genetic coding and ask our cells and DNA to make modifications based on new information we provide- purposefully, with conscious intent. Through our consciousness, we can transform the self-limiting and destructive information that predisposes us to, as well as perpetuates disease.

Consciousness represents the essential bridge between our bodies and our quantum DNA, and can be used in surprisingly simple ways, to access the hidden powers of our greatest healer. Mis-information (frequencies) can be altered through various consciousness techniques including those involving sound, the breath, self-awareness, visualization, meditation as well spiritual healing practices. Using these tools, we can create and draw on the many creative, positive and productive Akashic energies and intelligence that is available to us and are beneficial to our bodies, instead of the negative and disparate ones that let us down.  Through our consciousness, we can help our bodies remember what is already innate to them – the ability to regenerate, repair and maintain a healthy balance, often without physical intervention, no matter what’s wrong, or how severe our health issues might be.

As we resolve our impediments, higher frequency energy replaces the lower energy and new frequencies in our quantum DNA are activated. As our vibration increases, we have greater access to the wisdom and intelligence of the greater Akashic field, which contains the event history for all life- extending from the subatomic level to humanity as a whole, in addition to our own soul’s event history. As the DNA blueprint instructions become increasingly refined, the quantum information signals we send to our physical DNA become correct and complete and expand into every cell in our being simultaneously.

We begin to transmute the negative and discordant energy that no longer serves our bodies back to its original state of perfection. Proper healing and self-regulating mechanisms take place.  The more we work with our consciousness to achieve this, the better we get at it, the more DNA becomes activated and the more efficient our quantum DNA becomes at communicating with our physical DNA.  We begin to awaken our quantum DNA’s memory that reminds us of our own capacity to self-heal and the truth of who we truly are as souls, and have always been.


Consciousness tools effective in quantum healing include:

  • Sound and Breath
  • DNA Marker Removal and Pattern Adjustment
  • Cellular Communication
  • Mining the Akash

The sound and breath technique I used in healing, assists in the transformation of the energy in our personal quantum field to a more harmonious state, and an increase its overall vibration level through a process known as sonic entrainment. This occurs when the higher vibrational effects produced from the toning and breathing allows the body’s energy to resonate or vibrate in such a way that the body’s absorption frequencies match the higher frequencies being introduced. The lower vibrational energies in the body are subsequently altered as their resonant frequency shifts to that of the higher energy. In addition, if the vibration introduced by the toning is strong enough, it will overcome and entrain a weaker vibration in the body into the same stronger vibration, through a process known as resonant dominance. Every part of the body can be affected by this process, including the cells and DNA molecules, which absorb frequencies that are characteristic of their structure. When you target the resonant frequency of something, it releases energy, which the body uses naturally for the healing process. Better vibrational coherence can manifest itself at all levels in us. On a physical level, each part of the body resonates at the frequency that it is meant to for perfect functioning and balance. Sound restores harmony and homeostasis to the body.

The Breath
Dharma Singh Khalsa in his book, Meditation as Medicine, says that most people do not breathe well enough to sustain normal health and the consequences of oxygen deprivation can create a variety of cardiovascular problems, mood disorders, pain, immune deficiency, as well as liver and digestive issues. Breathing stimulates blood circulation, which is one of the primary mechanisms for cellular waste disposal. It is said that up to 70% of the toxins in our body are eliminated through our breathing. Conscious breathing also tones the nervous system and impacts a part of the brain that is responsible for moderating pain. Deep, controlled rhythmic breathing shifts the body away from the sympathetic nervous system’s fight or flight mode, allowing our parasympathetic nervous system to reprogram the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is our body’s primary neurological defense against disease. Thus, through intentional breathing, automatic functions become conscious ones. In this way, we direct the body to cooperate with the body’s natural functioning mechanisms through the breath.

From an energetic perspective, we are not just bringing in oxygen when we breathe, we are bringing in life force energy or prana, which serves to maintain and increase our vibrational energy levels. Via the breathing process, “…the vibration of human breath interlocks the finite magnetic field of humankind with the infinite magnetic field of the universe. The ebb and flow of breath is seen as a link to the motions and tides of the entire cosmos, outside our bodies, and within our bodies.” Essentially, through breath work, we are able to synchronize or resonate our personal quantum fields with the universal field through vibration. The vibrational resonance and increase in life force energy created through breathing facilitates healing by increasing the coherence in our field and the information that can be communicated to our cells by our quantum DNA. The higher our cellular vibration is, the more cellular antenna are activated, which allows us to access more quantum information. We are able to draw in healing energies with our own breath as our electromagnetic field is strengthened and harmonized in this process. When we add in two additional components to breathing – sound and conscious awareness – we are able to further enhance this effect.

Toning and humming vibrates the body right down to the cellular level, helping our cells resonate together and release energy to stimulate activity and promote optimal cell functioning. Increased vibration actually agitates the receptor sites on the cells so that light can only land on the cell’s surface where the vibration is sufficient. In addition, when the vibration is higher, the propulsion of the waves through sounding structures of the body, including our cellular matrices, allows for the transmission of more light, which means more quantum information is communicated, so that the biological DNA in turn becomes more efficient in relaying better instructions to our cells.

There are four core frequencies that make up the “music” in the physical DNA, each corresponding to the four nucleotide bases. A specific tone or harmonic structure is generated with certain configurations created by the precise location of the nucleotide on a particular section of the first of the double stranded DNA. The second strand of DNA has the opposite sequence of frequencies so there are musical intervals at play, imparting very particular frequency characteristics to them. It is likely that in the case of a mutated gene, where incorrect nucleotides are positioned on the DNA, as in sequencing errors or in the case of physically damaged DNA, a state of be quite influential in affecting gene repair and re-coding and restoration in our health.

Discordant energies associated with thoughts, emotions, conscious mind and soul programs will create alterations and dysfunction in the chakras. They become misshaped and deviate from their normal resonant frequency, which is typically observed by healers as a change in color (frequency). Chakras function much like transformers, relaying external quantum information in to the internal energy field and physical body and vice versa. The flow of this information is enhanced when blockages are cleared and the chakras regain their resonant frequency. An increase in vibration may also improve the quality and quantity of energy flow through each of twelve energy meridians. This technique has significant impact on improving our electrical flow and increasing the strength of my electromagnetic field enhance the transmission and receipt of quantum information, which promotes better biological functioning and healing at the cellular level.

From an energetic standpoint, DNA markers are the beacons that allow us to draw in and anchor energetic soul patterns (light codes) to our physical body and are comprised of unique and complex arrays of frequencies, sets and subsets within themselves. DNA markers may be characterized by frequency anomalies (incorrect frequencies) which are associated with dysfunctional energetic patterns present in our personal quantum fields. These abnormal frequencies can manifest as illness and disease in the physical body. However, they are within our capability to modify with our consciousness, utilizing a combination of conscious intent and visualization. In this way, it is possible to facilitate the desired change in color (frequency) of these markers. Modifications to these frequencies is a quantum exercise, taking place outside the confines of our linear, 3-dimensional reality and comprehension. When we work with our Higher Self, Innate Self, Spirit and our consciousness, these activities do not necessarily have to be complicated from our point of view. We connect and relate to quantum fields through our consciousness. This occurs through simple metaphors and visuals so that we can have a basic appreciation for what might be occurring even though what is transpiring is quantum.

Using visualization exercises to manifest change has been demonstrated through their use in many psychological, spiritual and energetic healing modalities. To illustrate this point, author Lynne McTaggart says that hypnosis, often used as a type of psychological therapy, is a type of intention in which instructions are given to our brains (conscious mind) during an altered state. She says that hypnosis demonstrates that the brain or body is susceptible to the power of directed thought. This is accomplished through communication of the brain with a portion of our consciousness that is well above the level of the conscious mind. The subconscious has the ability to identify all sorts of physical problems it detects within the body and, quite frequently, through hypnosis can explain the causes for the presence of illness and disease as well as its root causes. As the founder of a powerful technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Delores Cannon explains, “Very often, simply understanding why a disease is present [by oneself at a deeper, subconscious level] or why a particular emotion is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed.” When this is communicated to our brains, extremely profound physical and mental healing can result. The same holds true for DNA markers.

Because the Innate Self, often referred to as the “intelligent body” or “smart self”, is quantum, it is possible to influence our health by asking our Innate Self to facilitate a correction to the instructions being provided to our cells through our quantum DNA. The Innate Self understands everything that’s happening in the body and controls the messages sent to the cells. As Kryon, channeled through Lee Carroll, points out, “[w]ithout conscious direction given to your body often, your cellular structure has no boss, no instructions other than those you are born with. Now you know why we ask you to ‘talk to the cells,’ for the great ‘listener’ is the DNA!”

This technique involves communicating with our cells via our Innate Self. We give permission to our Innate Self to make whatever adjustments are required to achieve our goals as perfectly functioning biological organisms, during a meditative state, through a form of “inner speech” or “self-talk”. When the Innate Self is involved in the process of communicating with our quantum DNA, it is the subject matter expert. The Innate Self understands and knows what we need – no matter how specific our instructions are or exactly what we say. Trusting in the abilities of the Innate Self as being smart and intelligent, we do not need to be a medical expert or a scientist to know exactly what specific information would be necessary to correct some of the problems that might be occurring at the cellular level, which are associated with our health issues. For example, we do not need to instruct our cells directly and ask it to repair our cell structure, adjust our cell transport mechanisms or mediate our cell signaling processes in particular ways. Our intent, therefore, should be to express our desire for change and give our cells permission to do so, leaving the specifics up to our Innate Self and our quantum DNA to facilitate the response necessary.

The more we travel a path into the unknown, the more the direction becomes known to us. Eventually, if we reinforce our intent frequently enough, the pattern of the message becomes ingrained, and our cells oblige. Focusing in these meditative states on releasing the negative energies associated with discordant thoughts and emotions and on generating a positive state in which to hold these intentions is helpful. Over time, changes to our personal quantum fields may transpire as a result of this self-communication, culminating in an increase in our vibration level. The process of cellular communication can build on itself in this way, likely via the process of entrainment, described earlier with the sound and breath technique. When exposed to a higher energy quantum field or dimension that external to us, our cells can entrain or adjust themselves to the higher vibrational energies and the information they contain. By virtue of our quantum nature and that of cellular communities, cells learn from each other to resonate to the new information contained in a higher energetic state. In a quantum way, if we can talk to our cells, that they are able to, in turn, talk to each other and share this information.

Our soul’s records, known as our Akashic Records (Akash), are stored in the crystalline structure of our quantum DNA as memory, or, in other words, as a vibration, which is effectively a distribution of frequencies. As a result of our past history and experiences, our soul’s attributes are both positive and negative. The energies that result from the negative attributes we have acquired, including dysfunctional emotions, thoughts and beliefs, erode the integrity of our personal quantum field, and eventually compromise our health. By mining our Akash, we can exercise our own conscious choice to change this energy at will. Because one of the fundamental laws of spirituality and humanity is free will, changing these cannot be done unless we exercise this free will as conscious choice. This means we can “rewrite” many of our negative attributes at will and by choice, erasing the detrimental effects of bad habits, beliefs and past trauma, creating lasting change in both our personalities and our health. Quantum DNA, therefore, can be altered, thus affecting how we manifest health and wellness and even our character by substituting different frequencies within the Akash using conscious intent. This effectively constitutes a recalibration of the frequencies (information) held within the Akash, which increases the vibration and improves coherence and electrical flow in our fields, ultimately, resulting in enhanced communication with our DNA.

Since our Akashic Records contain past energies and all of the wisdom associated with that past experience, we can access or “mine” aspects from the past, pull them forward and replace our current energies with more desirable and beneficial ones from the past. Part of our soul’s journey, is that when we enter a new incarnation, we are not a new entity, we have simply forgotten who we really are. We have acquired and learned many things over the course of the multitude of expressions we have undertaken as a soul, and we can access positive attributes of ourselves from the past if we so choose. The Akashic Records contain the attributes we need for self-mastery. They contains every strength, talent or positive attribute that we possessed at one time or another, even if we do not exhibit these in our current life. We can activate their energies and apply these to our current attributes, which in turn activates our quantum DNA to bring about healing, transformation and the manifestation of our highest potential.

Excerpted from Althea’s soon to be published work, INTERNAL MIND-BODY MEDICINE: Altering Genetic Destiny and Disease Outcomes from Within (Althea S. Hawk, ©2015)


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Join Althea in this 30 minute guided meditation changing the information in your Akashic Records to create a more positive, healthy outlook and state.